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Wild Family Adventures

The newspapers have recently been telling us how children’s mental health is improved by getting out and connecting with nature. Pretty unsurprising stuff, but I think it was the first time this has properly been ‘measured’. Now, more than ever, in a time of constant tech distractions, it seems we all need to switch off and get outside. When new book – Go Wild: Find Freedom and Adventure in the Great Outdoors – thumped on to my doormat I was interested to have a browse. Part instruction manual, part inspiring read, it’s full of suggestions to whet your appetite – from wild camping (complete with campfire recipes) to trail running, raft building, cloud watching…even snow yoga! It does only skim the surface, admittedly, but with its beautiful photography and motivational quotes dotted throughout it could have you hot footing it out of the door on all sorts of adventures. Better still, leave it where the kids can find it so that you can claim it was all their idea when you all find yourselves halfway up a mountain in the pouring rain eating a Pot Noodle 😉

Go Wild: Find Freedom and Adventure in the Great Outdoors, published by Summersdale, is out now in hardback and costs  £16.99

Go Wild on grass

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