Napoleone Suite main bedroom

Rome’s dreamiest apartment?

In my job I spend all day looking at images of gorgeous travel destinations…I know! So it takes a lot to really, really impress me. I just had to share this place though, which made my heart beat a little faster. I haven’t been (yet) but it has rocketed to the top of my wish list. Mr Gallivant has been told.

The Napoleone Suite – so called because Emperor Napoleon III lived here in 1830 – is within a 16th century palace off Rome’s swankiest shopping street, Via Condotti, a mere hop and a skip from the Spanish Steps. It’s owned by a Princess (or rather a Principessa) and I’m guessing that if I went and stayed here I’d feel like one for a few days, too!

It must be the most romantic place for a couple but, as well as the main bedroom, which I could live in by the way, it’s possible to also hire out an upstairs double bedroom so you could take your kids, too, if you so desire.

This place is crammed with antiques, oil paintings, silk and velvet furnishings. Minimalist it ain’t! There’s a living room, a dining room and a little kitchenette area, which you probably won’t be using much as there are restaurants everywhere around. Breakfast comes to you – a maid will serve it up, on the best silver.


The green reception room


The yellow reception room

Rome is so awash with incredible sightseeing that it can be difficult to choose where to start – the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Forum, Vatican City, Borgese Park… At least you will have somewhere wonderful to stay whilst contemplating your itinerary. I think I’d factor in a bit of staying in time, too!

The lowdown
Stays at the Napoleone Suite cost from £1085 per night (or from £1,496 per night including the upstairs Blue Room). The price includes breakfast. Visit

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