The Robey, Chicago, opening 30th November, with initial rates from £108 per night for a double room

New hotels at bargain prices

It’s been a while since my last post. Life takes over sometimes – and also I went to Bali! More on that amazing trip within the next week or two…

In the meantime, I thought I’d mention a new company that’s doing something a little different in the travel world.

Website www.bethe features special opening offers from new hotels all over the world. They also promote ‘soft’ openings – that period of weeks, or even months, before hotels officially open to the public during which us guests can stay at often vastly reduced rates.

Just a few words of caution from me. Soft openings are a time for hotels to iron out any niggles with staff, service, facilities etc, so remember that you are, essentially a bit of a guinea pig . Also, it is worth contacting the hotel before you book to check that all building work is finished (you do not want your peaceful stay to be marred by the sound of a digger!) and that all the facilities are open.

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