I’m in love…with a Samsonite

Samsonite just asked me to trial a cabin sized case from their new range in conjunction with Liberty. I was already slightly in lust with it before it arrived, having seen the pictures. It’s a gorgeous dark purple colour with a retro Liberty print surround and pretty matching lining. It’s refreshing to have a suitcase that stands out from the crowd and that’s girlish without being garish.

I took it on a trip I did to Scotland over the weekend and found it a breeze. It’s just the right size for two or three nights and it has four wheels – this type of suitcase is called a spinner, apparently. I much prefer four to two in terms of manoeuvrability (the only time it’s a bit of a pain is when you are on a slope – they could do with a brake!).

This suitcase is also very light. It’s a soft shell, but seems to provide pretty good protection. I was bringing back some whisky and a framed drawing and both survived being in the hold of the plane with just a jumper wrapped around them!

* The Samsonite B-LITE 3 Spinner cabin sized suitcase costs £145 from House of Fraser stores or from www.samsonite.co.uk and comes in purple or blue Liberty prints (plain colours also available). If you are feeling splashy there’s a matching beauty case for an extra £59, too.

Liberty B Lite Blue Group Samsonite

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