Take a Flyte through the airport

A little review from Cousin Gallivant this week, who was enthusing about the Flyte ‘scooter suitcase’ she bought for her daughter before jetting off on holiday. Here’s her verdict:

Travelling with my four-year-old daughter is mostly hassle free. The only contentious issue is the long walk from the terminal to the plane. She thinks she’s too old for a pushchair – but has no qualms about asking to be carried. This is not always easy, with carry-on bags already weighing me down.

On our most recent trip, she spied in an airport shop the solution to her (my!) problem: Flyte.

Flyte is a small suitcase with a pull down scooter. My daughter chose pink – but there are other colour options – see below for just a selection. We bought the Midi, designed for 4-8 year olds, although she is tall for her age and I fear she will have outgrown it in the next year or two.

image2pink_opensnapper_trolleyolivia_trolleyUnion Jack Camper Case 5view 3

The case was roomy enough to hold her colouring books, pens and other distractions for the flight, plus the odd bits I couldn’t squeeze into my bag.

She loved it. She was zooming around and arrived at the departure gate without any complaints of being tired. She also got the seal of approval from the cabin crew, as the handle retracted and the scooter folded back up into the case to fit with ease into the overhead locker and under the seat .

I wish we’d discovered it earlier!

The lowdown

The Midi costs £69.99 and is available in a variety of designs. A new, slightly smaller size, the Mini – designed for 2-4 year olds – has just launched and costs £59.99. Both are available from selected retailers and also online at www.zincflyte.com. A Maxi, for older children, is also planned for the Autumn.

Let us know…

Have you tried out the Flyte? Tell us how you got on.

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