Backpack for Christmas?

Backpacks are brilliant for travelling. Wear them properly, not slung over one shoulder – yes Master Gallivant I’m talking about you –  and weight is distributed evenly meaning less strain on your body. They also leave your hands free which is a real boon when you’re trying to carry vast amounts of luggage – yes Miss Gallivant I’m talking about you.

The only disadvantage is that, when you’re wandering around with all your valuables on your back, it’s simple for practised thieves to slip open a zip and dip in to help themselves to your phone, money, laptop, while you are standing oblivious, looking like a gormless tourist…or maybe that’s just me.

I was really interested to test out this new backpack by Riut (it stands for Revolution in User Thinking, apparently). The RiutBag R15.3 is  designed to work backwards – so all the zips are worn against your body.

My first impression was that it is a quality product. The material is thick, and waterproof. The zips are chunky and sturdy. It’s beautifully made. There are lots of pockets, including a cushioned one for your laptop. There are also two external water bottle holders. It’s very simple in design –  black, with a sunny yellow interior (handy when you’re trying to find stuff!) – and with little detachable reflective strips of various colours to keep you visible at night.

RiutBag R15.3 opened suitcase style with bright yellow interior to help find belongings_ zipped laptop compartment for A4 docs

I took it on a test run whilst on a day trip into London. Oxford Street is always jam packed with people and a place where I usually feel very much ‘on guard’. I definitely felt more secure.

The straps are really wide and padded and feel a little bulky.  Mr Gallivant – who knows about such things – told me that this does mean it doesn’t compress your collar bones, which can cause terrible postural problems. Indeed, a physiotherapist was consulted during the design process, so I guess this can only be a good thing.

It would make a great Christmas present for someone who loves travelling or, er, working! A special offer on at the moment also, rather conveniently, sees it reduced from £119 to £79 – last orders by 16th December to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Visit



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