About Us

I am Emma O’Reilly, aka Mrs Gallivant, a travel writer for national magazines and newspapers.

I live in Kent with my husband (Mr Gallivant) and our kids – 14 year old Miss Gallivant and 17 year old (yes, you’ve guessed it…) Master Gallivant. I’m the small one in the picture. How did that happen?


We are lucky enough to go to lots of amazing places all over the world. Sometimes I go on my own, sometimes Mr Gallivant gets to tag along and sometimes I get to take the whole gang. These are my favourite trips, of course!

This blog is to be a diary of our travels – something we can all look back on. It’s also a chance for me to wax lyrical (or not) as and when the fancy takes me…no deadlines, no writing to house style!

It also means I can give you, lovely readers, useful information and advice (and I hope I have picked up a thing or two in my 28 years of travel writing). Ahem, did I say 28 years? Makes me feel so old just saying that…

Most of the trips I do are hosted – or at least part hosted in the case of some family trips – by hotels, tour operators and tourist offices. Otherwise I would not be able to do them (Come on! How much do you think a travel writer earns?). However I will always give my honest opinions – both good and bad – in all my reviews.

I hope you like it. Let me know…